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The Knowledge Base provides access to information about the environmental effects of marine and wind energy, supporting OES-Environmental and WREN initiatives. Relevant documents and OES-Environmental metadata forms are compiled into a user-friendly table with advanced filtering. Filters may be selected on the right, or keywords entered in the Search Text box. Content may also be sorted alphabetically by clicking on column headers. More entries will load as you scroll down.

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Title Author* Date**sort ascending Type of Content Technology Types Stressors Receptors
Evaluation of Fish-Injury Mechanisms During Exposure to a High-Velocity Jet Guensch, G., Mueller, R., Dauble, D. November 2002 Report Marine Energy general Dynamic Device Fish
Billia Croo Environmental Statement Carl Bro Group July 2002 Report Marine Energy general, Wave N/A Birds, Seabirds, Shorebirds, Fish, Marine Mammals, Socio-economics
Islay Limpet Wave Power Plant Report The Queen’s University of Belfast April 2002 Report Marine Energy general, Wave N/A N/A
Evaluation of the Effects of Turbulence on the Behaviour of Migratory Fish Odeh, M., et al. March 2002 Report Marine Energy general, Riverine Energy Removal Fish
The Practice of Comprehensive Silt Proof Measures in Tide Power Stations Liu, X., Fagong, L. September 2001 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal Energy Removal Nearfield Habitat
Washington's Coastal Zone Management Program Washington State Department of Ecology February 2001 Report N/A N/A Socio-economics, Legal and Policy
Laboratory Studies on the Effects of Shear on Fish Nietzel, D., et al. September 2000 Report Marine Energy general, Riverine Dynamic Device Fish
Environmental impact assessment: guide to procedures UK Communities and Local Government January 2000 Report N/A N/A Socio-economics, Environmental Impact Assessment
Guidelines for the Assessment of Indirect and Cumulative Impacts as well as Impact Interactions Walker, L., Johnston, J. May 1999 Report N/A N/A Farfield Environment
Effects of Seismic Shooting on Catch and Catch-Availability of Cod and Haddock Engas, A., et al. August 1993 Report N/A Noise Fish
The 40 MWe OTEC Plant at Kahe Point, Oahu, Hawaii: A Case Study of Potential Biological Impacts Harrison, J. February 1987 Report Marine Energy general, OTEC N/A N/A
The Potential Impact of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) on Fisheries Myers, E., et al. June 1986 Report Marine Energy general, OTEC Energy Removal Fish
Reconnaissance Geology and Geologic Hazards of the Offshore Coos Bay Basin, Oregon Clarke, S., Field, M., Hirozawa, C. January 1985 Report N/A N/A Nearfield Habitat
The Annapolis Tidal Power Project Head Pond Water Levels - Impacts and Mitigations Rice, R. September 1984 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal Energy Removal N/A
Update on the Marine Environmental Consequences of Tidal Power Development in the Upper Reaches of the Bay of Fundy Gordon, D., Dadswell, M. June 1984 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal N/A Farfield Environment, Nearfield Habitat
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: Environmental Effects Assessment Program Plan, 1981-85 NOAA Office of Ocean Minerals and Energy June 1982 Report Marine Energy general, OTEC Chemicals, Energy Removal, Static Device N/A
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Final Environmental Impact Statement National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration July 1981 Report Marine Energy general, OTEC Chemicals, Noise, Static Device Farfield Environment, Nearfield Habitat, Socio-economics, Environmental Impact Assessment
A Characterization of Marine Mammals and Turtles in the Mid and North Atlantic Areas of the US Outer Continental Shelf Cetacean and Turtle Assessment Program June 1981 Report N/A N/A Marine Mammals, Cetaceans, Reptiles
Assessment and Control of OTEC Ecological Impacts Wilde, P., Sandusky, J., Jassby, A. December 1978 Report Marine Energy general, OTEC Chemicals, Static Device Socio-economics, Legal and Policy


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