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Noise Generated from an Array of Current Energy Converters

Study Status: 
Princple Investigator Contact Information: 

Name: Erick Johnson

Email: Erick.johnson@montana.edu

Project Description: 

This work investigates the broadband noise generated from an array of CECs and how the array shape and size impact the sound environment.

Funding Source: 

This work was sponsored Sandia National Laboratories’ Water Power Technology department and by the Department of Energies’ Wind and Water Power Technologies Office.

Project Progress: 


Key Findings: 

Utilizing a random phaseshift for each of the sources results in a significant spread in potential depth-averaged, broadband SPL’s propagating from an array of MHK devices. This banding decays as the devices are spaced further apart.

Related Publications: 

Halfa, E.; Johnson, C.; Johnson, E.; Roberts, J. (2016). Noise Generated from an Array of Current Energy Converters. Paper Presented at the 4th Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS), Washington DC, USA. https://tethys.pnnl.gov/publications/noise-generated-array-current-energy-converters

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