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ETIP Ocean 2

Study Status: 
In Progress
Project Description: 

ETIP Ocean is a recognised advisory body to the European Commission, part of the EU’s main Research and Innovation policy the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). The ETIP Ocean 2 project aims to optimise the use of existing resources available to the ocean energy sector, to streamline sectoral activities, and ultimately to accelerate its development and to maximise benefits for industry and society. ETIP Ocean 2 will maintain and strengthen the existing coordination of sectoral stakeholders via the ETIP Ocean platform. This will empower sectoral stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange ‘lessons learnt’, which will in turn avoid the unnecessary duplication of activities and maximise the use of available resources. To maximise the spread of knowledge, the ETIP Ocean 2 project will use stakeholder exchanges to produce data-based publications on key sectoral issues. ETIP Ocean 2 will ensure that sectoral exchanges on the platform also inform the wider ocean energy policy framework - including the SET Plan Ocean Energy Implementation Plan work.

Funding Source: 

European Commission's lighthouse R&I programme: Horizon 2020

Location of Research: 


Project Aims: 
  1. Build on, and enhance the bilateral coordination framework between the ocean energy industry and research communities that was established during the first phase of ETIP Ocean;
  2. Widen and deepen the current ETIP Ocean platform, providing more opportunities for sectoral stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experience;
  3. Update the existing Strategic Research Agenda and ensure that the SET Plan Ocean Energy Research & Innovation Implementation Plan is informed by the sector’s latest technological priorities;
  4. Provide EU and national/regional policy makers with analysis of the economic and social implications of various ocean energy deployment scenarios, and the role of social innovation;
  5. Disseminate policy direction from EU and national/regional policymakers to the sector, and provide specific and extensive advice to those policymakers to facilitate the future deployment of ocean energy, including the execution of the SET Plan for Ocean Energy;
  6. Collate strategic and operational recommendations on the international, European and national/regional environmental, policy and consenting actions required to enable significant deployment of ocean energy and facilitate the delivery of these in coordination with European and national/regional agencies, while sharing these learnings with the International Energy Agency;
  7. Produce a European Roadmap for Ocean Energy that brings together the work completed throughout the ETIP Ocean 2 project, to communicate the multi-dimensional barriers and priorities for coordinated action to all interested parties, from policy makers to civil society.
Project Progress: 


Related Publications: 

Further publications are expected.

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