Wind Turbine Noise and Meteorological Influences

Journal Article

Title: Wind Turbine Noise and Meteorological Influences
Publication Date:
September 01, 2007
Journal: Canadian Acoustics
Volume: 35
Issue: 3
Pages: 190-191
Publisher: Canadian Acoustical Association
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Ramakrishnan, R.; Sylvestre-Williams, N. (2007). Wind Turbine Noise and Meteorological Influences. Canadian Acoustics , 35(3), 190-191.

Wind turbines and wind farms produce power from the forces of wind. The prevailing wind, in addition, generates ambient sound levels that can mask the no-wind ambient sound levels. It has been argued that such masking may not be a real phenomenon and is influenced by meteorological wind classes. A simple analysis is presented based on a three-month wind conditions during the summer in a typical Ontario location.

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