Wind in power: 2013 European statistics


Title: Wind in power: 2013 European statistics
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February 01, 2014
Pages: 12
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European Wind Energy Association (2014). Wind in power: 2013 European statistics. pp 12.

• 11,159 MW of wind power capacity (worth between €13 bn and €18 bn) was installed in the EU-28 during 2013, a decrease of 8% compared to 2012 installations.

• EU wind power installations for 2013 show the negative impact of market, regulatory and political uncertainty sweeping across Europe. Destabilised legislative frameworks for wind energy are undermining investments.

• Wind power is the technology which installed the most in 2013: 32% of total 2013 power capacity installations - five percentage points higher than during the previous year.

• Renewable power installations accounted for 72% of new installations during 2013: 25 GW of a total 35 GW of new power capacity, up from 70% the previous year.

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