Tidal Barrages and Birds

Journal Article

Title: Tidal Barrages and Birds
Authors: Clark, N.
Publication Date:
March 27, 2006
Journal: IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science
Volume: 148
Issue: 1
Pages: 152-157
Publisher: Wiley
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Clark, N. (2006). Tidal Barrages and Birds. IBIS The International Journal of Avian Science, 148(1), 152-157.

This paper reviews the main effects that building tidal power barrages would have on the bird populations using Britain's estuaries. The changes in the tidal prism that would occur after a tidal power barrage is built are discussed in the context of their effect on the ecology of the estuary. Three main issues are discussed; the effect of changes in size and nature of the intertidal areas of the estuary, effects on saltmarshes, and the displacement of birds at closure. Recently, tidal stream technologies have been developed which are individually likely to have small effects on birds. However the cumulative effects of large scale tidal stream arrays need to be investigated. Finally, the effects of tidal barrages are put in the context of Britain's energy policy and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Should tidal power barrages be considered in the future, there will be a need for strategic assessments to be used to select sites that maximize the energy produced while minimizing the impacts on bird populations.

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