A Techno-Economic Analysis of Tidal Energy Technology

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Title: A Techno-Economic Analysis of Tidal Energy Technology
Publication Date:
January 01, 2013
Journal: Renewable Energy
Volume: 49
Pages: 101-106
Publisher: Elsevier
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Johnstone, C.; Pratt, D.; Clarke, J.; Grant, A. (2013). A Techno-Economic Analysis of Tidal Energy Technology. Renewable Energy, 49, 101-106.

The choice of which type of electrical power generation technology to adopt is driven by a number of factors including: cost of generated electricity; responsiveness of generating plant to demand; security of supply/resource availability; environmental impact; and execution risk. Within these, tidal energy is unique as a renewable technology since it has the capability of providing predictable, firm power contributing to security of supply. This predictability gives tidal energy additional value in a future electricity market. Especially one where stochastic renewable technologies contribute to a sizable component of the power supplied; and where reserve capacity is required to maintain supply during periods of non-availability. In the shorter term, in order for tidal energy to gain commercial acceptance, tidal technologies under development need to produce electricity at a competitive price. This paper examines the drivers influencing electricity pricing; current tidal energy developments, aimed at reducing capital costs; and bench-mark these against offshore wind.

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