Taiwanese white dolphins and offshore wind farms


Title: Taiwanese white dolphins and offshore wind farms
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December 01, 2017
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Pages: 51
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Tougaard, J.; Mikaelsen, M. (2017). Taiwanese white dolphins and offshore wind farms. Report by Aarhus University and NIRAS. pp 51.

Taiwan has proposed development of offshore wind energy in the Eastern Taiwan Strait, which is home to the endemic and critically endangered Taiwanese white dolphin (Sousa chinensis taiwanensis). The most significant source of disturbance from offshore wind is noise from percussive piling on turbine foundations. The direct impact on Taiwanese white dolphins from construction and operation of offshore wind farms in the Taiwan Strait is considered to be manageable by appropriate mitigation measures (most importantly by application of air bubble curtains during percussive piling of turbine foundations) and within limits, that will not further endanger the population of dolphins. However, considering and handling possible knock-on effects from changes in use of the areas, including consequences for bycatch rates in fisheries, is critical in order to secure the long-time survival of the Taiwanese white dolphin.

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