Survey, Deploy and Monitor Licensing Policy Guidance


Title: Survey, Deploy and Monitor Licensing Policy Guidance
Authors: Marine Scotland
Publication Date:
August 24, 2012
Pages: 12
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Marine Scotland (2012). Survey, Deploy and Monitor Licensing Policy Guidance. Report by Marine Scotland Science and Scottish Government. pp 12.

The intention of the policy is to provide regulators, and developers, with an efficient risk-based approach for taking forward wave and tidal energy proposals. It distinguishes between those proposed developments for which there are sufficient grounds to seek determination on a consent application based on a minimum of 1 year of wildlife survey effort and analysis to develop site characterisation pre-application1, and those where a greater level of site characterisation is required. This would provide an assurance that those developments that are larger in scale or in more environmentally sensitive areas are based upon an evidence based understanding of the impacts of the devices, and allow licensing and statutory advisors to base any licensing decisions on greater awareness and knowledge.


This policy will only be applied following discussion with Marine Scotland. Developers will still be required to undertake assessments required as part of the statutory licensing and consenting process, such as the provision of Environmental Impact Assessments and other procedures necessary for compliance with national and European conservation legislation.

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