Strategic Environmental Assessment Area 8 - Contamination of Water and Sediments


Title: Strategic Environmental Assessment Area 8 - Contamination of Water and Sediments
Publication Date:
March 01, 2004
Document Number: SEA678_CV_data8CB
Pages: 115

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Voisey, C.; Tyrrell, D.; Rowlatt, S (2004). Strategic Environmental Assessment Area 8 - Contamination of Water and Sediments. Report by Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS). pp 115.

This report describes work commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to prepare an inventory of contamination of water and sediments metadata for the Strategic Environmental Assessment area 8 (SEA8) in terms of data type, location, quality and availability.


The SEA8 region lies between 48° and 52°N, 2°E and10°W, and is presented in Figure 1. The area includes the DTI UK Continental Shelf Designated Area from Dover through the English Channel to the edge of the continental shelf in the Celtic Sea; the southern Irish Sea south of Milford Haven; and the Bristol Channel.


In accordance with the scope of work the report includes:


  • A description of the study area with a synopsis of the contamination of water and sediments;
  • A listing of international, national and local organisations and contacts who are active in the subject area or hold information and associated initiatives and data sets.
  • The meta-data inventory, comprising a comprehensive list of references and other sources of information including:
    • i. whether published (white and grey), unpublished, public domain, private etc.
    • ii. notes and graphics showing spatial and temporal extent;
    • iii. format (book chapter, paper, dataset etc);
    • iv. location;
    • v. accessibility.


The main body of the inventory was compiled in June 2003. The database has been produced in an Endnote® database which contains 1558 entries and is provided on compact disk in Appendix 3.

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