Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation


Title: Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation
Publication Date:
January 01, 2019
Published City: Baltimore
Pages: 267
Publisher: John Hopkins University Press

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Moorman, C.; Grodsky, S.; Rupp, S. (2019). Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.




Introduction - Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation


Part I - Bioenergy and Wildlife Conservation

1 - Short-Rotation Woody Crops and Wildlife Conservation

2 - Effects of Harvesting Forest-Based  Biomass on Terrestrial Wildlife

3 - Impacts on Wildlife of Annual Crops for Biofuel Production

4 - Second-Generation Feedstocks from Dedicated Energy Crops: Implications for Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat


Part II - Wind Energy and Wildlife Conservation

5 - Wind Energy Effects on Birds

6 - Wind Energy Effects on Bats

7 - Effects of Wind Energy on Wildlife: Emerging Issues and Underrepresented Taxa


Part III - Solar Energy, Waterpower, and Wildlife Conservation

8 - Solar Energy: A Technology with Multi-Scale Opportunities to Integrate Wildlife Conservation

9 - Waterpower: Hydropower and Marine Hydrokinetic Energy


Part IV - The Future of Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation

10 - Renewable Energy Policy Directives: Implications for Wildlife Conservation

11 - Renewable Energy Ecology: The Next Frontier in Wildlife Science

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