Via Pontica-Myth and Reality for Birds and Wind Turbines

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Title: Via Pontica-Myth and Reality for Birds and Wind Turbines
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February 01, 2019
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Manev, T.; Zehtindjiev, P. (2019). Via Pontica-Myth and Reality for Birds and Wind Turbines. .

The story is very interesting and indicative of our time marked by historical changes in Eastern Europe.The first reports of concentrations of migratory raptors on the western Black Sea Coast are reported by Alleon & Vian (1869, 1870) who have established an intensive migratory migration in the Bosphorus but they do not use the term Via Pontica. In 1930, the great Bulgarian ornithologist, Pavel Patev, published a report on the Black Sea coast for the purpose of searching for a suitable place for exploring bird migration. In his report Pavel Patev writes "......... Observations on bird migration around the Black Sea have been made so far first by Mr Braun, who has been able to observe for many years the bird migration around Constantinople. According to his observations, a large number of birds, mainly raptors, fly over the Bosphorus to Asia Minor. The same writer assumes that these birds are moving along the western coast of the Black Sea and gave for the first time the name FLY WAY "Pontius" ... " In 1970, this Pontiac road was mentioned as Via Pontica in two scientifically popular articles by the famous ornithologist and environmentalist Nikolay Boev (Boev 1970a, b). Over the next decades, the term Via Pontica is becoming more and more common in the scientific literature on bird migration on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. How does this historical fact come to the idea of a bird-migration migratory airspace limited in a corridor and even to a ban on the construction of wind power facilities in the entire Dobrudja region of Bulgaria is described in the text.

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