Permitting and Leasing for Marine Offshore Wind Energy Projects


Title: Permitting and Leasing for Marine Offshore Wind Energy Projects
Authors: Thaler, J.
Publication Date:
January 01, 2013
Pages: 42

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Thaler, J. (2013). Permitting and Leasing for Marine Offshore Wind Energy Projects. Report by E2Tech, Maine Composites Alliance, Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII), and University of Maine. pp 42.

Maine possesses considerable natural wind and ocean energy resources and has assets in its current business base – precision and composites manufacturing, engineering, construction, marine services and trades, applied research and development, and transportation and logistics – to play a significant role in the onshore, offshore and ocean energy supply chains necessary to develop these resources.


The Maine Composites Alliance (MCA), Maine Wind Industry Initiative (MWII) and Environmental and Energy Technology Council of Maine (E2Tech) are collaborating to help organize, promote and expand Maine’s ocean and wind energy cluster through a) strengthening the industry’s supply chain in Maine, b), fostering collaboration between Maine businesses and global partners, and c) recruiting major suppliers and/or manufacturers to Maine.


Jeff Thaler, an energy and environmental attorney presently serving as Visiting Professor of Energy Law and Policy at the University of Maine Schools of Law and Economics, used his years of experience working with the DeepCWind Consortium and on other energy projects to create roadmaps for potential developers and interested parties on federal, state and local laws and regulations applicable for Maine Marine Hydrokinetic Projects (MHK) and for offshore wind energy projects. Each roadmap serves as an instructional outline for permitting and licensing in the Gulf of Maine for developers and is intended to help interest and guide potential wind and ocean energy developers to the Gulf of Maine. Mr. Thaler served as the primary author and Maine Law student Andrew Wells assisted with the research and editing.


MCA is an alliance of composite businesses in Maine who work together to recognize and promote Maine’s leadership in the international composite industry. They enhance the competitiveness of Maine’s existing composite industry and their members by providing opportunities for new commercial ventures, and by providing education and training for members and their employees. MCA serves marine, automotive, aerospace, architecture and industrial industries throughout Maine, the United States and the world.


MWII is a collaborative created to organize Maine wind industry interests, act as a knowledge transfer network linking opportunities to Maine companies, relate industry needs to the state and federal government and act as a communication hub, representing Maine-based industrial partners in the wind energy industry. [].


E2Tech seeks to build and expand the State’s environmental, energy and clean technology sectors. In addition to providing networking and educational events, E2Tech promotes business development and sustainable job growth, research and development, new product commercialization, cluster initiatives and supply chain development. [].


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