Noctule Bats and Wind Turbines

Journal Article

Title: Noctule Bats and Wind Turbines
Authors: Burrows, L.
Publication Date:
January 01, 2013
Journal: In Practice
Volume: 79
Pages: 11-15

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Burrows, L. (2013). Noctule Bats and Wind Turbines. In Practice, 79, 11-15.

Noctule bats Nyctalus noctula are regarded as being at 'high risk' from collision with wind turbines - as are effects on their populations - by Natural England. To reduce the risks to bats from wind installations the Natural England guidance (Matthews et al. 2009) advises that turbines are placed at a minimum distance of 50m from the rotor tip to habitat features, such as hedgerows and woodlands that are used by many British species for commuting and feeding fly-ways. However, I consider that this 'rule' does not apply to noctule bats, which are a free flying species.

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