Maritime and Marine: Synonyms, Solitudes or Schizophrenia?

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Title: Maritime and Marine: Synonyms, Solitudes or Schizophrenia?
Publication Date:
October 01, 2014
Journal: WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Pages: 173-176
Publisher: Springer

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Hildebrand, L.; Schröder-Hinrichs, J. (2014). Maritime and Marine: Synonyms, Solitudes or Schizophrenia?. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, 13(2), 173-176.

Maritime and marine. Are they this, are they that, or are they something in between? Does it matter what we call them, or important what we mean?


Two words we use so loosely, in meaning and intent; marine implies protection, while maritime pays in rent. We find their use exchangeable, with understanding being bent.


Maritime, marine, it’s not as simple as it seems. Are these terms just synonyms, or is there more there yet to glean? Shall we accept our shared ambivalence, or discover what we mean?


We come from different backgrounds, in training and degree; one thinks in two dimensions, the other thinks in three. Marine regards the ocean, its rhythm and its rhyme, while maritime conducts its business, to be there just in time.


We see the sea in maritime, its profits being prime, while marine sees wealth in nature, its existence for all time. One views the sea as partner, in the world economy; one knows the natural wonder that gives us gifts for free.


We share the cause to protect our seas and certainly not abuse, we act on insults readily, not tolerate or excuse. The worlds that work together, nature and humankind, receive the gifts presented and protect them for all time.


Who is maritime, who is marine? Can we find a common language, in this anthropocene?

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