Marine Wind Farms and Cetaceans

Conference Paper

Title: Marine Wind Farms and Cetaceans
Publication Date:
May 01, 2003
Conference Name: The Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission
Conference Location: Berlin, Germany
Pages: 1-17
Publisher: International Whaling Commission

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Doleman, S.; Simmonds, M.; Keith, S. (2003). Marine Wind Farms and Cetaceans. Paper Presented at the The Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission, Berlin, Germany.

The development of wind farms in the marine environment is set to expand rapidly in the future as governments strive to meet greenhouse gas emission targets and renewable energy commitments. Marine wind farms constitute a new development and one for which the associated environmental impacts remain largely unexplored. Areas of particular concern, including those related to development within important cetacean habitat, are discussed. It is our contention that marine wind farms should not be developed without due consideration being given to possible environmental consequences and that this should be done via appropriate environmental impact assessments.

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