Levelized Cost of Energy for a Backward Bent Duct Buoy

Journal Article

Title: Levelized Cost of Energy for a Backward Bent Duct Buoy
Publication Date:
July 18, 2016
Journal: International Journal of Marine Energy
Volume: 2016
Issue: 16
Pages: 220-234
Publisher: Elsevier
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Bull, D.; Jenne, D.; Copping, A.; Copeland, G. (2016). Levelized Cost of Energy for a Backward Bent Duct Buoy. International Journal of Marine Energy, 2016(16), 220-234.

The Reference Model Project, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, was developed to provide publically available technical and economic benchmarks for a variety of marine energy converters. The methodology to achieve these benchmarks is to develop public domain designs that incorporate power performance estimates, structural models, anchor and mooring designs, power conversion chain designs, and estimates of the operations and maintenance, installation, and environmental permitting required. The reference model designs are intended to be conservative, robust, and experimentally verified. The Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB) presented in this paper is one of three wave energy conversion devices studied within the Reference Model Project. Comprehensive modeling of the BBDB in a Northern California climate has enabled a full levelized cost of energy (LCOE) analysis to be completed on this device.

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