Lethal entanglement in baleen whales

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Title: Lethal entanglement in baleen whales
Publication Date:
October 06, 2011
Journal: Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Volume: 96
Pages: 175-185
Publisher: International-Research Sceince Center

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Cassoff, R.; Moore, K.; McLellan, W.; Barco, S.; Rotstein, D.; Moore, M. (2011). Lethal entanglement in baleen whales. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, 96, 175-185.

Understanding the scenarios whereby fishing gear entanglement of large whales induces mortality is important for the development of mitigation strategies. Here we present a series of 21 cases involving 4 species of baleen whales in the NW Atlantic, describing the available sighting history, necropsy observations, and subsequent data analyses that enabled the compilation of the manners in which entanglement can be lethal. The single acute cause of entanglement mortality identified was drowning from entanglement involving multiple body parts, with the animal’s inability to surface. More protracted causes of death included impaired foraging during entanglement, resulting in starvation after many months; systemic infection arising from open, unresolved entanglement wounds; and hemorrhage or debilitation due to severe gear-related damage to tissues. Serious gear-induced injury can include laceration of large vessels, occlusion of the nares, embedding of line in growing bone, and massive periosteal proliferation of new bone in an attempt to wall off constricting, encircling lines. These data show that baleen whale entanglement is not only a major issue for the conservation of some baleen whale populations, but is also a major concern for the welfare of each affected individual.

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