The Kyle Rhea Tidal Stream Array Volume II: Environmental Statement


Title: The Kyle Rhea Tidal Stream Array Volume II: Environmental Statement
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January 01, 2013
Volume: 2
Pages: 556
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Royal Haskoning; Sea Generation (Kyle Rhea) Ltd. (2013). The Kyle Rhea Tidal Stream Array Volume II: Environmental Statement. Report by Royal Haskoning. pp 556.

A Non-Technical Summary is also available here.


The Environmental Statement comprises of two principal parts.

  • Chapters 1 – 6 describe the Project and the legal and policy framework within which the application will be determined. This includes details of the project design and consultation undertaken to seek the views of statutory, non-statutory stakeholders and the local community.
  • Chapters 7 – 23 contain the individual assessments relating to the environmental (and other) issues that were identified during the scoping process and/or by Sea Generation (Kyle Rhea) Ltd. The likely significant impacts of the Project on these issues are contained within this portion of the document, along with the proposed mitigation and the residual impacts. Residual impacts are the impacts that remain following the implementation of best practice and mitigation measures stipulated by the ES. A summary of impacts, mitigation, good practice and proposed monitoring is provided in Chapter 24, Summary. The contents of the ES are listed in Table 1.1 in Chapter 1, Introduction.

Volume II: Environmental Statement- FIGURES


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