Kármán vortex and turbulent wake generation by wind park piles

Journal Article

Title: Kármán vortex and turbulent wake generation by wind park piles
Publication Date:
December 01, 2016
Journal: Ocean Dynamics
Volume: 66
Issue: 12
Pages: 1543-1557
Publisher: Springer

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Grashorn, S.; Stanev, E. (2016). Kármán vortex and turbulent wake generation by wind park piles. Ocean Dynamics, 66(12), 1543-1557.

Observational evidence of turbulent wakes behind wind parks’ piles motivated a series of numerical experiments, aiming to identify the dynamic regimes associated with wakes’ generation in tidal basins. We demonstrate that the obstacles such as piles of wind parks give rise to vortices similar to the known Kármán vortices which affect substantially the turbulent kinetic energy. The latter can be considered as the agent enhancing sediment remobilization from the ocean bottom, thus making wakes well visible in satellite data. The temporal and spatial variability of studied processes is analyzed under stationary and nonstationary conditions. The dependence of a vortex generation and evolution upon the environmental conditions is also studied, which demonstrates a large variety of appearances of turbulent wakes. The comparison between simulations using a suspended sediment model and satellite images demonstrated that the model is capable to realistically simulate sediment wakes observed in remote sensing data.

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