The European Offshore Wind Industry - Key Trends and Statistics 2013


Title: The European Offshore Wind Industry - Key Trends and Statistics 2013
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January 01, 2014
Pages: 22

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Corbetta, G.; Pineda, I.; Moccia, J. (2014). The European Offshore Wind Industry - Key Trends and Statistics 2013. Report by European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). pp 22.

Offshore wind power market in 2003

  • 418 new offshore wind turbines, in 13 wind farms, worth between €4.6 billion and €6.4 billion, were fully grid connected between 1 January and 31 December 2013, totalling 1,567 MW, 34% more than in 2012.
  • 522 turbines were erected during 2013, an average of 4.3 MW per day. 104 of these turbines are awaiting grid connection.
  • Work is on-going on 12 projects.

Cumulative offshore wind power market

  • 2,080 turbines are now installed and grid connected, making a cumulative total of 6,562 MW, in 69 wind farms in eleven European countries.
  • 75% of substructures are monopiles, 12% gravity, jackets 5%, tripods 5%, and tripiles 2%.
  • There are also two full-scale grid-connected floating turbines, and two downscaled prototypes.

Market outlook for 2014 and 2015

  • Once completed, the 12 offshore projects currently under construction will increase installed capacity by a further 3 GW, bringing cumulative capacity in Europe to 9.4 GW.

Trends - turbines, foundations, water depth and distance to shore

  • Average offshore wind turbine size is 4 MW.
  • Average offshore wind farm size was 485 MW in 2013, 78% more than the previous year. The trend towards larger projects is expected to continue over the coming years.
  • The average water depth of wind farms completed, or partially completed, in 2013 was 20 metres (m) and the average distance to shore 30 km.

Financing highlights and developments

  • Non-recourse debt finance for offshore wind reached €2.13 billion in 2013, increasing on the €1.93 bn reached in 2012 and following €2.33 bn in 2011.
  • Two landmark projects reached financial close in 2013: Butendiek project in Germany, and the refinancing of Masdar’s stake in the London Array project in the UK, the largest offshore project in the world.
  • Financing markets remained open for the offshore wind sector in 2013 and active throughout the year across a variety of instruments, with continued sustained activity expected in 2014.
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