Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts: Book of Abstracts

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Title: Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts: Book of Abstracts
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March 12, 2015
Conference Name: Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts (CWW 2015)
Conference Location: Berlin, Germany
Pages: 154
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Köppel, J.; Schuster, E. (2015). Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts: Book of Abstracts. Paper Presented at the Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts (CWW 2015), Berlin, Germany.

Welcome to the CWW2015 in Berlin!


The Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group at the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) is delighted to welcome you to the Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW) 2015 in Berlin. Our research group has been involved with wind power and wildlife research for more than a decade. As we have been able to compile a synopsis of research results on wildlife effects from wind power for the Federal Environmental Ministry/the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy since 2012, hosting the CWW2015 constitutes a perfect fit with our ongoing synoptical work and an important milestone.


The two previous conferences, CWW in Trondheim (2011) and CWE in Stockholm (2013) have provided excellent opportunities for international exchange on wind energy's wildlife implications and have set high standards. We hope that the CWW2015 can continue this principle; the interest at least has been overwhelming once more. With 162 abstracts submitted, we will be able to share 65 oral presentations in two parallel streams and plenary meetings as well as an additional 54 selected posters will be presented. Approximately 400 delegates have registered, coming from more than 30 countries. Thus, there is seemingly still a large interest and need for international exchange of knowledge on wind energy and wildlife impacts and we are looking forward to these three exciting days.


As a conference of this size involves considerable efforts regarding the organization and budget, we are very grateful for financial support by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). We would like to thank all who have supported the making of CWW2015 in Berlin, Tobias Verfuß and colleagues at the Projektträger Jülich (PtJ), as well as all staff involved from our working group at TU Berlin. All this would not have been possible without our Scientific Committee whose members we want to thank for their efforts: Dr. Andrew Gill (Cranfield University, UK), Åsa Elmqvist (Vindval, Sweden), Dr. Christian Voigt (IZW, Germany), Dr. Cindy Hull (University of Tasmania, Australia), Dr. Edward B. Arnett (TRCP, USA), Dr. Jan Olof Helldin (Calluna AB, Sweden), Dr. Marc Reichenbach (ARSU GmbH, Germany), Dr. Meike Scheidat (IMARES Wageningen UR, The Netherlands), Dr. Michelle Portman (Israel Institute of Technology), Dr. Ommo Hüppop (Institute for Avian Research, Germany), Dr. Roel May (NINA, Norway), Dr. Rowena Langston (RSPB, United Kingdom), Dr. Shawn Smallwood (USA) and Dr. Johann Köppel (Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany; Chairman). Furthermore, we like to thank our further keynote speaker Dr. Kjetil Bevanger (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Norway) and all session conveners. Special thanks go to all speakers and poster presenters for their contributions to the conference. Tobias Verfuß and Eva Schuster served as reviewers for the best poster award. Lastly, we would like to give special gratitude to Eva Schuster for her unmeasurable work and leadership regarding all conference organization responsibilities.


We wish you all a great and rewarding conference and are looking forward to future events to come!

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