Birds of Prey and Wind Farms


Title: Birds of Prey and Wind Farms
Publication Date:
April 17, 2017
Published City: Switzerland
Pages: 331
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

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Hötker, H.; Krone, O.; Nehls, G. (2017). Birds of Prey and Wind Farms (1 ed.). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

This book discusses the increase in number and capacity of wind farms in Germany and how this is affecting birds of prey. Several methods are used to study the behaviour of birds of prey in relation to wind farms, including telemetry data, field observations, and comparisons of turbine base areas. Special attention is given to the effects on different bird species and the impact wind farms may have on population growth and breeding success of birds of prey. Chapter 6 discusses the collision risks at wind turbines and provides an analysis of the fatalities. In the concluding chapter, ideas are put forward to help minimize conflicts, estimate risks, and offer practical recommendations for future research.


This book will be of interest to wind farm developers, researchers, applied ecologists and landscape planners.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1- Research Issues and Aims of the Study

Chapter 2- Project Structure and Methodological Approach

Chapter 3- Red Kite

Chapter 4- Telemetric Monitoring of Montagu's Harrier in Schleswig-Holstein

Chapter 5- Impacts of Wind Turbines on the Population and Nest Site Selection of the Montagu's Harrier in the Hellweg Borde, North Rhine-Westphalia

Chapter 6- Impacts of Wind Turbines on the Population and Nest Site Selection of the Montagu's Harrier in North Frisia

Chapter 7- Satellite Tracking of White-Tailed Sea Eagles in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg

Chapter 8- Behavioral Observations of White-Tailed Sea Eagles in the Vicinity of Wind Turbines

Chapter 9Effects of Individuals Lost Due to Wind Turbines on the Time of Occupying a Territory, the Survival of Breeding Territories and the Breeding Success of White-Tailed Sea Eagles (Case Studies)

Chapter 10Distances Between Breeding Sites and White-Tailed Sea Eagles Found Dead Near Wind Turbines in Schleswig-Holstein

Chapter 11- White-Tailed Sea Eagle- Summary and Conclusions

Chapter 12- Collisions of Birds of Prey with Wind Turbines- Analysis of the Circumstances

Chapter 13- Collision Victims and Lattice Towers- Frequency of Collision, Breeding Population and Breeding Success of Birds of Prey in Two Wind Farms in Brandenburg

Chapter 14- Calculation of the Probability of a Collision of Territorial Birds of Prey with Wind Turbines

Chapter 15- Population Development and Breeding Success of Birds of Prey in Relation to the Development of Wind Energy Use in Germany

Chapter 16- Conclusions, Risk Assessment, Conflict Minimisation, Practical Recommendations, Need for Further Research

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