Birds and Wind Projects Across the Pond: A UK Perspective

Journal Article

Title: Birds and Wind Projects Across the Pond: A UK Perspective
Publication Date:
March 19, 2013
Journal: Wildlife Society Bulletin
Volume: 37
Issue: 1
Pages: 5-18
Publisher: Wiley
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Rowena, H.; Langston, W. (2013). Birds and Wind Projects Across the Pond: A UK Perspective. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 37(1), 5-18.

Wind-energy generation is expanding globally, largely in response to climate change predictions, in an attempt to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The increasing demand for locations with suitable wind resource places pressure on bird species and sites of conservation importance. Our understanding of the effects of wind-energy generation on birds is growing, but ambitious targets for wind-energy production mean that we need to apply best available information in smarter ways now, refining our approaches as evidence accrues. This applies especially to the offshore “windrush,” which is taking place in Europe, notably the United Kingdom, which currently leads the world in installed capacity offshore. This paper presents UK experience and European studies, onshore and offshore, to consider lessons learned, especially in view of the fledgling offshore industry in the USA.

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