Biglow Canyon Wind Farm: Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan


Title: Biglow Canyon Wind Farm: Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan
Publication Date:
May 10, 2007
Pages: 15

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Portland General Electric Company; Oregon Department of Energy (2007). Biglow Canyon Wind Farm: Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan. pp 15.

This plan describes wildlife monitoring that the certificate holder shall conduct during operation of the Biglow Canyon Wind Farm (BCWF). The monitoring objectives are to determine whether operation of the facility causes significant fatalities of birds and bats and to determine whether the facility results in a loss of habitat quality. The BCWF facility consists of up to 225 wind turbines with a maximum gene rating capacity of 450 MW, up to 10 permanent meteorological towers and other related or supporting facilities as described in the site certificate. The BCWF will be built in phases.


The certificate holder shall use experienced personnel to manage the monitoring required under this plan and properly trained personnel to conduct the monitoring, subject to approval by the Oregon Department of Energy (Department) as to professional qualifications. For all components of this plan except the Raptor Nesting Surveys and the Wildlife Incident Response and Handling System, the certificate holder shall direct a qualified independent third-party biological monitor, as approved by the Department, to perform monitoring tasks.


The Wildlife Monitoring and Mitigation Plan for the BCWF has the following components:


1. Fatality Monitoring Program including:

a. Removal Trials

b. Searcher Efficiency Trials

c. Fatality Monitoring Search Protocol

d. Statistical Analysis


2. Raptor Nesting Surveys


3. Avian Use and Behavior Surveys


4. Wildlife Incident Response and Handling System


Following is a discussion of the components of the monitoring plan, statistical analysis methods for fatality data, data reporting and potential mitigation.


The selection of the mitigation actions that the certificate holder may be required to implement under this plan should allow for flexibility in creating appropriate responses to monitoring results that cannot be known in advance. If the Department determines that mitigation is needed, the certificate holder shall propose appropriate mitigation actions to the Department and shall carry out mitigation actions approved by the Department, subject to review by the Oregon Energy Facility Council (Council).

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