OES-Environmental Members Page


Welcome to the OES-Environmental members page! While most OES-Environmental information and content is publicly accessible, this space is reserved for OES-Environmental member nations for collaborative work, please contact us if someone needs access.

We recommend you add this page to your bookmarks for quick access. To avoid information overload, the members page primarily lists resources available only to members. You can find general information about OES-Environmental on the public About OES-Environmental page.

OES-Environmental Meetings

Access documents, presentations, and additional materials from OES-Environmental meetings.

Google Drive

Access files that OES-Environmental is actively working on via Google Drive, which includes working papers, ambassador activities, outreach materials, and more. Documents may be shared and multiple people can edit the same paper simultaneously. You may need to create a free Gmail account if you do not currently have one.


OES-Environmental Contacts

You can view a list of contact information for all individuals involved in the OES-Environmental project. Your account settings determine what information is shown here, and this page is only available to other OES-Environmental members.

You can also find a contact list of OES-Environmental Analysts on the Google Drive (see above). 


OES-Environmental Metadata

OES-Environmental metadata forms (questionnaires) are used to solicit information from project developers and researchers that are performing environmental work. Current projects can be found on the Knowledge Base and Map Viewer. We need your help sending metadata forms to developers and researchers from your country. We are specifically interested in projects where environmental monitoring was conducted and larger research initiatives with multiple publications. Please contact Mikaela Freeman if you have any questions. Templates for the forms are available here:

Notable OES-Environmental Products

OES-Environmental (the task formerly known as Annex IV) provides a unique perspective of MRE and the environment on the global scale, which is compiled into a collaborative report after every 3-4 years. Additionally, OES-Environmental partners with conferences and hosts workshops to bring researchers together around environmental issues. Whenever possible, products from these activities are made publically available via Tethys. Below is a list of notable products:

OES-Environmental Short Science Summaries

OES-Environmental has created brief short science summaries that synthesize scientific understanding about a specific environmental interaction. The summaries are updated on a 1-2 year basis to reflect new findings and understandings. Each summary is available for download, along with a list all available literature in Tethys that corresponds to the interaction. Below is a list of available summaries:

    OES-Environmental Webinars

    OES-Environmental also hosts webinars on relevant environmental topics. You can view recordings of past webinars and sign up to receive notifications for live webinars.

    If you have topic suggestions or speaker suggestions for webinars, please contact us.