OES-Environmental Fact Sheet


OES-Environmental (the task formerly known as Annex IV) was established by the International Energy Agency Ocean Energy Systems in 2010 to examine environmental effects of marine renewable energy (MRE) development around the world. OES-Environmental is mobilizing information and the international MRE community to coordinate research that can progress the industry in an environmentally sustainable manner. More information about OES-Environmental is available here.


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Sources of Information on OES-Environmental​:

Title Author Date Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
The State of Knowledge for Environmental Effects: Driving Consenting/Permitting for the Marine Renewable Energy Industry Copping, A. January 2018 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave N/A Farfield Environment, Nearfield Habitat, Socio-economics
Annex IV 2016 State of the Science Report: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Development Around the World Copping, A., et al. April 2016 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave Dynamic Device, EMF, Energy Removal, Noise, Static Device Benthic Invertebrates, Birds, Ecosystem, Farfield Environment, Fish, Marine Mammals, Nearfield Habitat, Sea Turtles, Socio-economics
Environmental Effects of Marine Energy Development around the World: Annex IV Final Report Copping, A., et al. January 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave Dynamic Device, Energy Removal, Noise Ecosystem, Fish, Marine Mammals
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