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The Knowledge Base provides access to information about the environmental effects of marine and wind energy, supporting OES-Environmental and WREN initiatives. Relevant documents and OES-Environmental metadata forms are compiled into a user-friendly table with advanced filtering. Filters may be selected on the right, or keywords entered in the Search Text box. Content may also be sorted alphabetically by clicking on column headers. More entries will load as you scroll down.

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Title Author* Date**sort descending Type of Content Technology Types Stressors Receptors
Preliminary Flora and Fauna Assessment - Penshurst Wind Farm McMahon, A., Marr, R. October 2009 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Static Device Bats, Birds, Shorebirds, Waterfowl, Ecosystem, Terrestrial Mammals
Environment and Siting: Supporting Research on Impacts to Birds, Bats and Habitats from Wind Development National Renewable Energy Laboratory June 2010 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Dynamic Device, Static Device Bats, Birds, Ecosystem, Socio-economics, Climate Change
Greening the Wind: Environmental and Social Considerations for Wind Power Development Ledec, G., Rapp, K., Aiello, R. December 2011 Book Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind N/A Bats, Birds, Ecosystem, Socio-economics
A Review of the Impacts of Onshore Wind Energy Development on Biodiversity Tosh, D., Montgomery, W., Reid, N. January 2014 Report Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Avoidance, Collision, Displacement, Habitat Change Bats, Birds, Ecosystem Processes
A bat fatality risk model at wind farms in Dobrogea, Romania, using a GIS approach Măntoiu, D., et al. March 2015 Presentation Wind Energy general N/A Bats, Ecosystem
Genetic Approaches to the Conservation of Migratory Bats: A Study of the Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis) Vonhof, M., Russell, A. May 2015 Journal Article N/A N/A Bats, Ecosystem
Wildlife and Wind Farms - Conflicts and Solutions, Volume 1 Onshore: Potential Effects Perrow, M. April 2017 Book Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind N/A Bats, Birds, Ecosystem, Terrestrial Mammals
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