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Wave Dragon is a floating slack-moored energy converter of the overtopping type, located in the northern Denmark. It was the world's first offshore wave energy converter. Wave Dragon is a joint EU research project, including partners from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK.

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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
"Small is Beautiful" - But will Small WECs Ever Become Commercial? Friis-Madsen, E., Soerensen, H., Russell, I. July 2018 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Wave
Wave and Tidal Range Energy Devices Offer Environmental Opportunities as Artificial Reefs Callaway, R., et al. September 2017 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Tidal, Wave Habitat Change Nearfield Habitat
Wave Dragon - 'Coldward and Stormward' Russell, I., Friis-Madsen, E., Soerensen, H.C. October 2016 Book Chapter Marine Energy (General), Wave Human Dimensions, Life Cycle Assessment
Feasibility and LCA for a Wave Dragon platform with wind turbines Soerensen, H.C., et al. June 2016 Conference Paper Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Human Dimensions, Life Cycle Assessment
Toward Best Practices for Public Acceptability in Wave Energy: Whom, When and How to Address Chozas, J., Stefanovich, M., Sørensen, H. January 2010 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Wave Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
Development and Validation of Technical and Economic Feasibility of a Multi MW Wave Dragon Offshore Wave Energy Converter Wave Dragon April 2009 Report Marine Energy (General), Wave Human Dimensions
Wave Dragon Pre-Commercial Wave Energy Device, Environmental Statement Volume 1: Non-Technical Summary PMSS April 2007 Report Marine Energy (General), Wave
Wave Dragon Mitigation Wave Dragon December 2005 Report Marine Energy (General), Wave Invertebrates, Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals, Nearfield Habitat, Human Dimensions
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