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The University of Victoria, often referred to as UVic, a research intensive university located inSaanich and Oak Bay, 5.71 km northeast of downtown Victoria, British Columbia. The university's annual enrollment is about 20,000 students. UVic's campus is known for its innovative architecture, beautiful gardens and mild climate
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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Providing ecological context to anthropogenic subsea noise: Assessing listening space reductions of marine mammals from tidal energy devices Pine, M., et al. April 2019 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal Noise Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Noise characterization of a subsea tidal kite Schmitt, P., et al. November 2018 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal Noise
Impacts of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Life: Publication Patterns, New Discoveries, and Future Directions in Research and Management Williams, R., et al. October 2015 Journal Article Noise Benthic Invertebrates, Fish, Marine Mammals, Reptiles
Combining Wave Energy with Wind and Solar: Short-Term Forecasting Reikard, G., Robertson, B., Bidlot, J. September 2015 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wave, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind
Wind energy in the city: An interurban comparison of social acceptance of wind energy projects Khorsand, I., et al. July 2015 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Socio-economics, Stakeholder Engagement
Integrating Ocean Wave Energy at Large-Scales: A Study of the US Pacific Northwest Parkinson, S., et al. April 2015 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wave Farfield Environment
Ocean Networks Canada's Quasi Real-time Underwater Monitoring and Control Systems McLean, S., Pirenne, B. November 2014 Presentation Marine Energy general Farfield Environment, Nearfield Habitat
Post-Glacial Sea-Level Change Along the Pacific Coast of North America Shugar, D., et al. August 2014 Journal Article
Coherence Extrapolation for Underwater Ambient Noise Quijano, J., et al. May 2014 Journal Article Noise
Cross Coupling between Device Level CFD and Oceanographic Models Applied to Multiple TISECs in Minas Passage Klaptocz, V., et al. February 2013 Report Marine Energy general, Tidal Static Device Nearfield Habitat
Averaging Underwater Noise Levels for Environmental Assessment of Shipping Merchant, N., et al. September 2012 Journal Article Noise Nearfield Habitat
Limits To Tidal Current Power Garrett, C., Cummins, P. November 2008 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
The Extractable Power From A Channel Linking A Bay To The Open Ocean Blanchfield, J., et al. May 2008 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
The Efficiency Of A Turbine In A Tidal Channel Garrett, C., Cummins, P. September 2007 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
Tidal Current Energy Assessment For Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island Sutherland, G., Foreman, M., Garrett, C. March 2006 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal Energy Removal
The Power Potential Of Tidal Currents In Channels Garrett, C., Cummins, P. April 2005 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
An evaluation of gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) mortality incidental to fishing operations in British Columbia, Canada Baird, R., et al. January 2002 Journal Article Marine Energy general Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
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