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The University of Sydney is an Australian public university in Sydney. Founded in 1850, it is Australia's first university and is regarded as one of its most prestigious, ranked as the world's 27th most reputable university.
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Wave energy drives biotic patterns beyond the surf zone: Factors influencing abundance and occurrence of mobile fauna adjacent to subtropical beaches Schultz, A., et al. January 2019 Journal Article Invertebrates, Fish
Functional and structural responses to marine urbanisation Mayer-Pinto, M., et al. January 2018 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Invertebrates
Fish Assemblages Associated with Urban Structures and Natural Reefs in Sydney, Australia Clynick, B., Chapman, M., Underwood, A. April 2008 Journal Article Static Device Fish, Nearfield Habitat
Temporal Variability of Pelagic Fish Assemblages around Fish Aggregation Devices: Biological and Physical Influences Dempster, T. May 2005 Journal Article Marine Energy general Static Device Fish
Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) Research: Gaps in Current Knowledge and Future Directions for Ecological Studies Dempster, T., Taquet, M. March 2004 Journal Article Marine Energy general Static Device Ecosystem, Fish
Homing of Pelagic Fish to Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs): The Role of Sensory Cues Dempster, T., Kingsford, M. August 2003 Journal Article Marine Energy general Static Device Fish
Energy and CO2 Life-Cycle Analyses of Wind Turbines - Review and Applications Lenzen, M., Munksgaard, J. July 2002 Journal Article Wind Energy general Socio-economics, Climate Change, Life Cycle Assessment
Urban Structures as Marine Habitats: An Experimental Comparison of the Composition and Abundance of Subtidal Epibiota Among Pilings, Pontoons and Rocky Reefs Connell, S. August 2001 Journal Article Static Device Invertebrates, Ecosystem
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