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The University of Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborgs universitet) is a university in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg. The University of Gothenburg is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities, and with 24,900 full-time students it is also among the largest universities in the Nordic countries.


Strong research and attractive study programmes attract scientists and students from around the world. The University of Gothenburg is environmentally certified and works actively for sustainable development. With new knowledge and new perspectives, the University contributes to a better future.
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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Wind Turbine Noise and Sleep: Pilot Studies on the Influence of Noise Characteristics Morsing, J., et al. November 2018 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Noise Socio-economics
Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean Fowler, A., et al. July 2018 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device
Effect of an Offshore Wind Farm on the Viviparous Eelpout: Biometrics, Brood Development and Population Studies in Lillgrund, Sweden Langhamer, O., Dahlgren, T., Rosenqvist, G. January 2018 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device Fish
The Effects of Wind Power on Birds and Bats: An Updated Synthesis Report Rydell, J., et al. December 2017 Report Wind Energy general Bats, Birds
Introducing Ocean Energy Industries to a Busy Marine Environment Hammar, L., et al. July 2017 Journal Article Marine Energy general
Multiple Stressors and Multifunctionality: Limited Effects on an Illuminated Benthic System Alsterberg, C., Sundbäck, K., Gamfeldt, L. December 2014 Journal Article Ecosystem, Nearfield Habitat
Scaling of Wingbeat Frequency with Body Mass in Bats and Limits to Maximum Bat Size Norberg, U., Norberg, R November 2011 Journal Article Bats
Applying Ecological Risk Assessment Methodology for Outlining Ecosystem Effects of Ocean Energy Technologies Hammar, L., Gullström, M. January 2011 Conference Paper Marine Energy general Static Device Benthic Invertebrates, Birds, Ecosystem, Fish, Marine Mammals, Nearfield Habitat, Socio-economics
A Study of the Change in the Wave Field Due to the Presence of Wave Energy Converters Kalén, O. January 2010 Thesis Marine Energy general, Wave Energy Removal Farfield Environment
Epibenthic Colonization of Concrete and Steel Pilings in a Cold-Temperate Embayment: A Weld Experiment Andersson, M., et al. March 2009 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device Benthic Invertebrates, Nearfield Habitat
Wind Turbines - Low Level Noise Sources Interfering with Restoration? Pedersen, E., Waye, K. January 2008 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind
Hearing in Fish and their Reactions to Sounds from Offshore Wind Farms Wahlberg, M., Westerberg, H. March 2005 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Noise Fish
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