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The University of Aveiro (Universidade de Aveiro) is a Portuguese public university, headquartered in Aveiro since its 1973 creation. It also provides polytechnic education. It is an R&D university, having a research units developing programmes in fundamental and applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, telecommunications, robotics, bioinformatics, sea sciences, materials, design, business administration and industrial engineering.
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An Overview of Offshore Wind Energy Resources in Europe Under Present and Future Climate deCastro, M., et al. July 2018 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Socio-economics
Bat Monitoring System for Wind Farms Correia, R., et al. September 2013 Conference Paper Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Bats
Benthic Monitoring and Sampling Design and Effort to Detect Spatial Changes: A Case Study using Data from Offshore Wind Farm Sites Franco, A., Quintino, V., Elliott, M. October 2015 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device Benthic Invertebrates
Biodiversity & Wind Energy: A Bird's and Bat's Perspective Mascarenhas, M., et al. January 2015 Book Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Bats, Birds
Biodiversity and Wind Farms in Portugal: Current Knowledge and Insights for an Integrated Impact Assessment Process Mascarenhas, M., et al. January 2018 Book Wind Energy general Dynamic Device Bats, Birds, Terrestrial Mammals
Community perceptions of renewable energies in Portugal: Impacts on environment, landscape and local development Delicado, A., Figueiredo, E., Silva, L. March 2016 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Socio-economics, Stakeholder Engagement
Estimating Bird and Bat Fatality at Wind Farms: From Formula-Based Methods to Models to Assess Impact Significance Marqués, J., et al. September 2017 Book Chapter Wind Energy general Bats, Birds
From Agricultural Benefits to Aviation Safety: Realizing the Potential of Continent-Wide Radar Networks Bauer, S., et al. October 2017 Journal Article Birds
Low-cost acoustic design of a bat test room Correia, R., et al. October 2014 Journal Article Noise Bats
The Derivation, Performance and Role of Univariate and Multivariate Indicators of Benthic Change: Case Studies at Differing Spatial Scales Quintino, V., Elliott, M., Rodríguez, A. March 2006 Journal Article Benthic Invertebrates
Understanding Bird Collisions at Wind Farms: An Updated Review on the Causes and Possible Mitigation Strategies Marques, A., et al. November 2014 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Dynamic Device Birds
Who cares? European attitudes towards marine and coastal environments Potts, T., et al. October 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Socio-economics, Aesthetics, Fishing, Stakeholder Engagement
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