Universidade Federal do Pará

The Federal University of Pará (Portuguese: Universidade Federal do Pará, UFPA) is one of the three public universities maintained by the Brazilian federal government in the state of Pará. It was ranked as the 15th largest Brazilian university in a 2011 academic ranking by the number of enrollments. The university has over 40,000 students enrolled in its courses, which are offered across its many campuses in the cities of Belém, Abaetetuba, Altamira, Ananindeua, Bragança, Castanhal, Cametá, Capanema, Breves, Tucuruí and Soure. Among UFPA research teams, there are many nationally recognized groups, particularly in the fields of genetics, parasitology, tropical diseases and geosciences. The Federal University of Pará is the greatest university in the North region of Brazil and is a reference in the areas of Biomedical Sciences and Biology research, this last one mainly because of the Amazon Rainforest.

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