Swedish Ornithological Society

Three goals of equal importance:

  • Bird conservation
  • To carry out investigation and documentation
  • To promote interest in birds and birdwatching

Key Activities

  • Run conservation issues, both national and partly-international
  • Publish three magazines and various books
  • Run the Ottenby Bird Observatory and a Nature Centre at the same spot (c.200, 000 visitors every summer)
  • Sell books and binoculars in the society's nature bookshop
  • Support 24 regional branches
  • Invititation to travel with the SOF-travel agency;
  • Carry out inventories at different levels, with focus on a single species, area or as monitoring;
  • Run and improve Homepage;
  • Undertake of bird reporting through a new web-based reporting system;
  • Serve as a partner within BirdLife, and as such give support work to Latvia;
  • Run activities for younger birdwatchers.
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