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Stanford University is a private research university in Stanford, California. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The university was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford, former governor of and U.S. senator from California and leading railroad tycoon, and his wife, Jane Lathrop Stanford, in memory of their only child, Leland Stanford, Jr., who died of typhoid fever at age 15 the previous year.
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Basin-wide contributions to the underwater soundscape by multiple seismic surveys with implications for marine mammals in Baffin Bay, Greenland Kyhn, L., et al. January 2019 Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Marine Spatial Planning Santos, C., et al. January 2019 Book Chapter Socio-economics, Marine Spatial Planning
Ocean Solutions to Address Climate Change and Its Effects on Marine Ecosystems Gattuso, J., et al. October 2018 Journal Article Marine Energy general
Habitat risk assessment for regional ocean planning in the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Wyatt, K., et al. December 2017 Journal Article Wind Energy general Ecosystem
Statistical guidelines for assessing marine avian hotspots and coldspots: A case study on wind energy development in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean Zipkin, E., et al. November 2015 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Birds, Seabirds
Embracing Thresholds for Better Environmental Management Kelly, R., et al. March 2015 Journal Article Ecosystem
Private Incentives for the Emergence of Co-Production of Offshore Wind Energy and Mussel Aquaculture Griffin, R., Buck, B., Krause, G. January 2015 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Benthic Invertebrates, Socio-economics
Marine Defaunation: Animal Loss in the Global Ocean McCauley, D., et al. January 2015 Journal Article Ecosystem
Records of Trace Metals in Sediments from the Oregon Shelf and Slope: Investigating the Occurrence of Hypoxia Over the Past Several Thousand Years Erhardt, A., et al. September 2014 Journal Article Socio-economics, Climate Change
Thinking Globally and Siting Locally - Renewable Energy and Biodiversity in a Rapidly Warming World Allison, T., Root, T., Frumhoff, P. September 2014 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind, Offshore Wind Socio-economics, Climate Change
Taming Hurricanes with Arrays of Offshore Wind Turbines Jacobson, M., Archer, C., Kempton, W. March 2014 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Energy Removal Farfield Environment
Catching the Right Wave: Evaluating Wave Energy Resources and Potential Compatibility with Existing Marine and Coastal Uses Kim, C., et al. November 2012 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wave Socio-economics, Marine Spatial Planning
California Offshore Wind Energy Potential Dvorak, M., Archer, C., Jacobson, M. June 2010 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind
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