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SMRU Consulting, formerly known as SMRU Marine or SMRU Limited, is a global leader in marine mammal consulting and research, delivering innovative, robust and environmentally sound solutions to clients active in the marine environment. Their staff have extensive experience in carrying out research into many facets of marine mammal biology. They work across all marine sectors from wet renewables, civil engineering, infrastructure, oil and gas and decommissioning to government, defence, and scientific research and development.
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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Assessing The Benefit Of Noise Reduction Measures During Offshore Wind Farm Construction On Harbour Porpoises Verfuss, U., et al. September 2016 Report Offshore Wind Noise Marine Mammals
Seal Telemetry Inventory Sparling, C. March 2016 Report Tidal Marine Mammals
Harbor Seal - Tidal Turbine Collision Risk Models. An Assessment of Sensitivities. Wood, J., Joy, R., Sparling, C. March 2016 Report Tidal Marine Mammals
Refining Estimates of Collision Risk for Harbour Seals and Tidal Turbines Band, B., et al. January 2016 Report Tidal Dynamic Device Marine Mammals
Challenge of Using Passive Acoustic Monitoring in High-Energy Environments: UK Tidal Environments and Other Case Studies Booth, C. January 2016 Book Chapter Marine Energy general, Offshore Wind
Review of Offshore Wind Farm Impact Monitoring and Mitigation with Regard to Marine Mammals Verfuss, U., et al. January 2016 Book Chapter Offshore Wind Marine Mammals
Advancing a Key Consenting Risk for Tidal Energy: The Risk of Marine Mammal Collision for In-Stream Tidal Energy Devices Booth, C., et al. April 2015 Conference Paper Tidal Dynamic Device Marine Mammals
Resolving Issues with Environmental Impact Assessment of Marine Renewable Energy Installations Maclean, I., et al. December 2014 Journal Article Marine Energy general Legal and Policy
Outer Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Development: Where the Leviathans Live N/A October 2014 Presentation Tidal
Marine Mammals and Tidal Turbines: Understanding True Collision Risk Sparling, C., et al. May 2014 Presentation Tidal Dynamic Device Marine Mammals
Listening for Canaries in a Tornado: Acoustic Monitoring for Harbour Porpoise at the FORCE Site Wood, J., et al. May 2014 Presentation Marine Mammals
Review of Environmental Data Associated with Post-Consent Monitoring of Licence Conditions of Offshore Wind Farms Marine Management Organisation April 2014 Report Offshore Wind Noise Benthic Invertebrates, Birds, Ecosystem, Fish, Marine Mammals
The Sensitivity of UK Marine Mammal Populations to Marine Renewables Developments Harwood, J., King, S. March 2014 Report Marine Energy general Marine Mammals
Strangford Lough and the SeaGen Tidal Turbine Savidge, G., et al. February 2014 Book Chapter Tidal
Tracking Technologies for Quantifying Marine Mammal Interactions with Tidal Turbines: Pitfalls and Possibilities Hastie, G., et al. February 2014 Book Chapter Tidal Marine Mammals
Modelling Harbour Seal Habitat by Combining Data from Multiple Tracking Bailey, H., Hammond, P., Thompson, P. January 2014 Journal Article Marine Mammals
Framework for Assessing Impacts of Pile-Driving Noise from Offshore Wind Farm Construction on a Harbour Seal Population Thomson, P., et al. November 2013 Journal Article Offshore Wind Noise Marine Mammals
Wave and Tidal Consenting Position Paper Series: Marine Mammal Impacts Sparling, C., et al. October 2013 Report Tidal, Wave Marine Mammals
Modelling of Noise Effects of Operational Offshore Wind Turbines Including Noise Transmission Through Various Foundation Types Marmo, B., et al. August 2013 Report Offshore Wind Noise Fish, Marine Mammals
Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Cetacean Activity Patterns and Movements in Minas Passage: Pre-Turbine Baseline Conditions Tollit, D., Redden, A. July 2013 Report Tidal Marine Mammals
Tracking Marine Mammals Around Marine Renewable Energy Devices Using Active Sonar Hastie, G. July 2013 Report Marine Energy general Dynamic Device, Static Device Marine Mammals
Real-Time Monitoring for Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in the Eagle River, Alaska using a PAMBuoy Detection System Gillespie, D., et al. May 2013 Report Marine Mammals
Determining the Detection Thresholds for Harbor Porpoise Clicks of Autonomous Data Loggers, the Timing Porpoise Detectors Verfuss, U., et al. February 2013 Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Argyll Array Windfarm Basking Shark Draft Chapter for Environmental Statement Booth, C., King, S., Lacey, C. January 2013 Report Offshore Wind Dynamic Device Marine Mammals
Study of the Acoustic Effects of Hydrokinetic Tidal Turbine in Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound Collar, C., et al. March 2012 Report Tidal Noise Benthic Invertebrates, Fish, Marine Mammals
Detection of Tidal Turbine Noise: A Pre-Installation Case Study for Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound N/A February 2012 Report Tidal Noise Marine Mammals
Guidance on Survey and Monitoring in Relation to Marine Renewable Deployments in Scotland - Draft Reports Royal Haskoning September 2011 Report Marine Energy general Benthic Invertebrates, Raptors, Seabirds, Shorebirds, Marine Mammals
SeaGen Tidal Turbine - An Exercise in Adaptive Management Ainsworth, D. April 2011 Presentation Tidal Dynamic Device, Noise, Static Device Seabirds, Waterfowl, Marine Mammals
Detection of Marine Mammals and Effects Monitoring at the NSPI (OpenHydro) Turbine Site in the Minas Passage during 2010 N/A February 2011 Report Tidal Marine Mammals
Utilisation of Space by Grey and Harbour Seals in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters SMRU Ltd January 2011 Report Marine Mammals
Strategic Review of Offshore Wind Farm Monitoring Data Associated with FEPA License Conditions CEFAS August 2010 Report Offshore Wind
The Number and Distribution of Marine Mammals in the Fall of Warness, Orkney July 2006 - July 2007 Lonergan, M., et al. August 2007 Report Marine Mammals
Assessment of the Potential for Acoustic Deterrents to Mitigate the Impact on Marine Mammals of Underwater Noise Arising from the Construction of Offshore Windfarms N/A July 2007 Report Offshore Wind Noise Marine Mammals
The Number and Distribution of Marine Mammals in the Fall of Warness, Orkney July 2005 - July 2006 Duck, C., et al. August 2006 Report Marine Mammals
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