Quiet Oceans (QO)

Quiet-Oceans was born out of a desire to bring multidisciplinary expertise to a single business vision: find sustainable ways of using the oceans.


Quiet-Oceans specializes in the emerging issue of underwater noise. The company’s expertise covers underwater noise forecasting, risk assessment and consulting services to reduce the impact of noise on biodiversity. Its expertise relies on the innovative proprietary technology Quonops©, an ocean noise monitoring and forecasting system. Quiet-Oceans helps industrialists conduct environmental impact studies for maritime projects in the fields of Renewable Marine Energy (offshore wind farms, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy, etc.), offshore constructions, port development, coastal development and seismic surveying. The company carries out research focused on ensuring Good Environmental Status regarding noise level in European waters in accordance with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and its implementation within the respective domestic laws of European countries.

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