Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise

The Iroise Marine Natural Park, le Parc naturel marin d’Iroise, was created in 2007 off the coast of Finistère between the islands Ushant, Molène and Sein and the coasts of Crozon headland and Douarnenez. The instrument of Marine Natural Park was created only recently with the law of April 2006, as many people considered that the classic conservation approach based on legal incentives and mostly on the State’s involvement weren’t enough efficient.

The Iroise Marine Natural Park is a remarkable area boasting outstanding natural resources and playing host to traditional fishing activities. The cultural heritage is extremely varied and marked by majestic offshore lighthouses which make seafarers dream. And the Iroise contains surprising biodiversity consisting of dozens of species of algae, marine mammals, birds and other less well-known or simply more discreet species. In addition to being listed as a marine nature park, it is a marine protected area under the Oslo-Paris convention (OSPAR) and a large part of its perimeter is listed under the European Habitats and Birds directives (Network 2000 directives) and as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.
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