Ornithological Society "Nase ptice"

Ornithological Association “NAŠE PTICE” (“OUR BIRDS”) is an independent, nonpartisan, nongovernmental, nonpolitical and volunteer organization that is active in areas of ornithology, ecology, banding (ringing), and protection of  birds as well their habitats.

Association’s Constituent assembly was held on November the 27th 2002, and the Association was registered with the Federal Ministry of Justice on April 25th 2003.

The association is involved in activities regarding monitoring of birds and their habitats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of particular interest is periodic publication of the “Birdwatchers’ network in Bosnia and Herzegovina ". This is an informal network which, in addition to our members, includes members of other NGOs and institutions, and individuals who are ready to contribute to furthering understanding of Bosnian-Herzegovinian avifauna with their data and participation in activities (e.g. IWC, mapping and census of individual species etc.).

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