Meridian Energy Ltd

Meridian Energy Limited is a New Zealand state-owned electricity generator and retailer. The company generates the largest proportion of New Zealand's electricity, generating 33 percent of the country's electricity in the year ending December 2013, and is the fourth-equal largest retailer, with 14 percent of market share in terms of customers as of December 2013.

Meridian owns and operates seven hydroelectric power stations and one wind farm in the South Island of New Zealand, three wind farms in the North Island, and one wind farm in South Australia. Meridian owns and operates a single turbine in Wellington, the Brooklyn turbine and has another wind farm under construction outside Wellington, Mill Creek. It is one of two major electricity generators to only generate electricity from renewable sources (the other being TrustPower), and the only electricity generator in New Zealand to commit itself to only generate electricity from renewable sources.
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