Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols, S.C.

Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols S.C. is a law firm with an exceptional history, which spans more than 160 years.  Throughout the decades, the firm has maintained a reputation for unparalleled, effective client service and for high-quality legal representation.  This long-standing tradition of excellence, combined with the proven scholarship and business acumen of its lawyers, has enabled the firm to provide creative, aggressive and efficient legal services to the broad spectrum of clients it serves.

Meissner Tierney has a sophisticated practice, often found at much larger law firms.  The firm's structure enables it to assure that client problems receive the attention of experienced attorneys.  Long-term relationships with clients are fostered to provide continuity of representation, based on a well-grounded understanding of each client's personal and business history, as well as that client's goals and needs for the future.

The firm's lawyers closely interact with each other.  By design, they are not isolated into specialty departments.  This pooling of expertise and experiences leads to a comprehensive and creative approach to solving problems and meeting client needs.  At the same time, the personal attention of the lead lawyer, who is well known to the client, is retained.
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