Marine Current Turbines (MCT)

Siemens-owned Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT), established in 1999, is both first mover and world leader in tidal power systems. With its technological history stretching back to the 1970s, MCT has led the way in commercialising tidal energy generation.

In 2003 MCT installed the world’s first offshore tidal turbine; Seaflow 300kW, near Lynmouth in Devon. In 2008, the installation and commissioning of the world’s first commercial scale tidal turbine was completed; the SeaGen S 1.2MW, located in Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland. SeaGen S is uniquely capable of meeting the technological and environmental challenges of operating in an offshore underwater environment. MCT has demonstrated that low carbon electrical generation from marine current power is both reliable and predictable. Many features of the design have been patented internationally.
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