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Founded by Donald Ronning in 1994, Lite Enterprises is dedicated to the preservation and protection of animal species that stray into areas where they could cause damage or be injured themselves. Their non-lethal deterrence systems have been designed to reduce avian mortality at wind farms, reduce airplane bird strikes, and to reduce predation losses in agricultural production. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the technology is based on a patented design combining optical, electrical, mechanical, image processing, and software development expertise.

Lite Enterprise non-lethal deterrence (NLD) products have been developed to influence wildlife behavior responses based upon either reflex reactions or upon elicited fear and anxiety. The use of recently developed technologies being integrated into the products include high brightness light systems (visible and invisible), UAV (winged drones), Lithion batteries (high energy storage devices), GPS (precise position and time), and low power consuming microprocessors in combination with other more well-known techniques.
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