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Lancaster University, officially The University of Lancaster, is a public research university in Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom. The university was established by Royal Charter in 1964 and initially based in St Leonard's Gate until moving to a purpose-built 300 acre campus at Bailrigg in 1968. Since its establishment Lancaster has expanded rapidly and now has the 10th highest research quality in the UK and is the 16th highest ranking research institution according to the latest Research Assessment Exercise. The university has an annual income of £180 million, 3,025 staff and 12,525 students.
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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Tidal range energy resource and optimization - Past perspectives and future challenges Neill, S., et al. November 2018 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
Assessing the Impact of Rows of Tidal-Stream Turbines on the Overtides of the M2 Potter, D, Folkard, A., Ilić, S. April 2018 Presentation Marine Energy general, Tidal Dynamic Device Farfield Environment
Offshore Renewable Energy and Nature Conservation: The Case of Marine Tidal Turbines in Northern Ireland Haslett, J., et al. December 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal Ecosystem
Tidal range technologies and state of the art in review Waters, S., Aggidis, G. June 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
Ground-Level Climate at a Peatland Wind Farm in Scotland is Affected by Wind Turbine Operation Armstrong, A., et al. April 2016 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Socio-economics, Climate Change
A World First: Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon in Review Waters, S., Aggidis, G. April 2016 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal
SuperGen Research Helps to Answer Long Standing Problem of Shoreline 'Exposure' Beharie, R., Side, J. January 2011 Presentation Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave Energy Removal Nearfield Habitat
Quantifying "Exposure" with Cost Effective Wave Resource Measurements Beharie, R., Side, J. January 2008 Presentation Marine Energy general, Wave Energy Removal, Noise Farfield Environment, Nearfield Habitat
SuperGen Marine Energy Research October 2003 Research Study Annex IV Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave Dynamic Device, Energy Removal, Static Device Benthic Invertebrates, Birds, Marine Mammals
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