Gardner Pinfold Consultants Inc.

Gardner Pinfold Consulting was incorporated under the laws of Nova Scotia in 1979, and is an independent, Halifax-based company. The general objectives of the firm are to provide comprehensive professional services covering all aspects of economic consultancy. Gardner Pinfold specializes in assignments related to the economics of natural resource and industrial development and in the field of regional economics. Recent assignments include benefit-cost analysis, program evaluation, economic impact assessment, forecasting, simulation modelling and advisory services in regulatory and judicial proceedings.


Gardner Pinfold is recognized as one of Canada's leading firms in terms of its analytical capabilities and experience related to the economics of natural resource development and management. The formal training and range of analytical skills of the firm's professional and support staff give Gardner Pinfold the capacity to undertake private and public sector assignments of both a highly quantitative and qualitative nature. The strong academic backgrounds in economics and law of the firm's principals have proved invaluable for the production of well-researched and methodologically sound reports.
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