France Energies Marines

France Energies Marines is based on three interacting fields of activity:

  • Research and development devoted to MREs

  • Sites for testing and validation of demonstrators

  • A resource and training centre

These clusters are developed through theme-based research programmes with a cross-cutting approach to MRE technologies. In fact, technologies in the value chain have reached varying degrees of maturity. For fixed-bottom offshore wind power, there is already a good degree of maturity and significant feedback on their track record from Northern Europe. For tidal stream and floating wind turbines, and even wave turbines, demonstrators have been connected to the grid. In this context, the scientific issues and technological obstacles (resources, moorings, seaworthiness and resistance to seawater, and so on) are approached in such a way that the most advanced generic solutions can benefit all MREs.
Total Results: 8
Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Potential effects of deep seawater discharge by an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant on the marine microorganisms in oligotrophic waters Giraud, M., et al. November 2019 Journal Article Marine Energy general, OTEC Static Device Nearfield Habitat
A review of potential impacts of submarine power cables on the marine environment: Knowledge gaps, recommendations and future directions Taormina, B., et al. November 2018 Journal Article EMF, Static Device
Towards improving biofouling information within MRE environments Quillienn, N., et al. April 2018 Presentation Marine Energy general
Optimisation of an underwater imagery analysis method to characterise the reef effect caused by submarine power cables on epibenthic communities Taormina, B., et al. April 2018 Presentation Marine Energy general Static Device
Underwater operational noise level emitted by a tidal current turbine and its potential impact on marine fauna Lossent, J., et al. June 2017 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal Noise Invertebrates, Fish, Marine Mammals
D7.1: Requirements and Criteria for the Design and Planning of Ocean Energy Farms DTOcean May 2015 Report Marine Energy general
GHYDRO: Methodology Guide for Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Tidal Stream Energy Technologies at Sea Lejart, M. November 2014 Presentation Marine Energy general, Tidal Socio-Economics, Legal and Policy
Monitoring Benthic Habitats and Biodiversity at the Tidal Energy Site of Paimpol-Brehat (Brittany, France) Carlier, A., et al. May 2014 Presentation Marine Energy general, Tidal Invertebrates
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