ARSU GmbH (In English, Working Group on Regional Structural and Environmental Research) is a working group for environmental and regional planning and
research can look back on nearly thirty years of practical and scientific experience.
Their scope of work covers the respective services for:
  • Offshore infrastructure developments (especially for exploration and production of oil and gas)
  • Coastal infrastructure developments (especially harbour projects and extensions)
  • Energy and traffic infrastructure development (especially power plants and railways)
  • Landscape development (renaturalisation concepts, research and best-practice projects, sustainable land use, mitigation and compensation concepts)
  • Wind energy (extensive national and international experience from more than 150 projects, research for the federal environmental ministry, special expertise for bird and bat impact assessments)
  • Regional development and planning (especially sustainable touristic concepts, economic and ecological structure analysis)
  • Environmental economy (especially for climate change adaptation, water infrastructure, renewable energy)
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