Altran Ouest

Altran Ouest (Altran West) is a major partner of industry sectors, telecoms, information systems and the world of the sea with a privileged location. The Technology & Innovation activities of Altran West include the trades of Automotive and Transportation, those of Aeronautics and Defence, and finally those of the Energy and Life Sciences. The Industries division of Altran West region shows a very important dynamic for several years, and in all areas of Engineering: Engineering Department, R & D, methods, logistics, industrialization, quality, purchasing, etc.. The Information Systems activities of Altran West has a particular expertise in project management assistance and management support work, including software engineering. In the Telecommunications and Media department, Altran West is involved in all phases of the life cycle projects, with specific expertise in the fields of digital TV, mobile telephony and industrial computing. Finally, due to its geographical location, Altran western region development through the Atlantis brand, its historical expertise in the field of marine science and technology. The emergence of "Marine Renewable Energy" values ​​its scientific and industrial know-how.
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