Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy

The Commission was established by the Renewable Energy (Alderney) Law 2007 and its related Ordinances.  These set out the statutory role and responsibilities of the Commission and the requirements that the Commission must ensure are fulfilled in order to comply with the Law.

In order to operate effectively in carrying out this role the Commission believes its Mission is to

  • operate in an impartial efficient and professional regime to regulate renewable energy production,
  • ensure that at all times it operates in accordance with current best practice,
  • brief the current States and its individual members so that informed decisions may be made in developing any renewable energy resources on and in the waters surrounding Alderney,
  • support wherever possible the development of domestic renewable initiatives on Alderney, even if they are not required to be regulated by the Commission,
  • work with the other Channel Islands, as appropriate, to develop the collective renewable energy resource.
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